No Longer Negotiating

No Longer Negotiating

In my worry about the future, about what will happen to him

After I am gone. . . I see his face, smiling quietly

As he looks at the newspaper. What does it matter

What will happen then? This is now, and he is beautiful.

No need for words. In this instant, he is safe, loved.

In my sinking into thoughts I sometimes come up for air

Sitting still, watching this breath, my belly gently heaving.

Every yesterday gets canned just then. Every care

Blown away. And at that moment, here is life, believing

in that, every other good is served up on a plate.

No need to bargain for my position. No need to curl myself

Into a cocoon, seeking approval, avoiding hate

A break from the past. A blessing here and now, a boon.

No longer hurrying into a future where I may be late.

By Sreela

Tags: Impermanence, present, love

Post Date: August 2019