At 'Words to Sit With' we are keen for you to make use of and share the poems and stories from The Collection. Below are some clarifications around issues to do with copyright and details of how to get in touch should you have further questions.

Authors' Rights

The authors of the poems or stories retain the original copyright and are free to use their own poems or stories in any other forum as they choose (such as for commercial purposes).


The poems or stories on the website are free to share provided that the website link (to Words to Sit With) and the author name(s) are included, AND you are using the poems or stories for non-commercial purposes i.e. if you are not standing to benefit financially from their use. We also request that you do not copy or distribute a substantive part of the collection or the whole collection. Therefore, if you are intending to distribute five or more poems or stories from the collection, please contact us to gain permission to do so.

Disputes of Authorship

Contributors are asked to confirm that they are the authors and copyright holders of poems or stories submitted to the site. The 'Words to Sit With' site does not hold responsibility for checking the copyright of materials before they are uploaded. If you feel your original work has been copied or plagiarised in any of the poems or stories on the site, please contact us so that we can remove the material.


If you are unsure about any of the points above, please contact us by emailing

We will continue to update this section as new queries come in, so if you have something to ask then please do.