How Can I Best Take Care of Myself?

How Can I Best Take Care of Myself?

After we’ve experienced

heavy rains and floods

We may dread the first drop

Of rain.

And with the first splash upon the ground

We know it is the return of disaster and pain.

When the dark cloud passes an hour later,

We thank our lucky stars

But we take this as a sign;

We know this is a warning

That things won't always be fine.

And so with our mood.

After we’ve experienced

The darkest depths of depression

We dread the first drop

In mood.

And with the first tear of despair

We know it is the return of disaster and pain.

Yet unlike the rain,

Which is blind to our worries,

My mood listens in and responds.

And my mood drops down to meet my thoughts

In the depths of my depression.

Me, my thoughts, my mood.

I do not let the dark clouds pass.

If I am not careful

The dread of disaster,

The belief in the storm,

Together we conspire.

Together we are one,

Bound together



So how can I best take care of myself,

When I feel the first drop in mood?

I remind myself,

That like clouds, my mood can pass.

I accept the darkness

Knowing it does not have to last.

I allow myself a smile

Hello old friend – it has been a while.

I notice all those troublesome thoughts

I let them float on through;

For I know that they only come to me

In the shadow of my darkened mood.


I do something for me.

Perhaps a walk

Perhaps a nap

Perhaps a cup of tea.

Perhaps I call someone

Perhaps I have a snack.

Perhaps I sit

And I let it all just be.

So now when the dark cloud passes,

Whether it takes an hour, a day, a week or more.

I smile and welcome the next thing

Making space for whatever's in store.

By Peter Morgan

Tags: Depression, Low mood, Impermanence, Letting be, Self care

Post date: April 2016