Feeling Frantic in a Peaceful World

Feeling Frantic in a Peaceful World

All around me is still.

But not I.

I vibrate,

I pulsate.

Out of control

The more I spiral

The worse I feel.

I am the storm.

The quiet streets

Only serve to amplify

The indignity

Of being

Frantic in a peaceful world.

I fear my panic might spread!

Cast me aside,

I am not what the world needs

Right now.


A momentary connection

To my feet

Comes as an unexpected,

but welcome,


A hint to what lies beneath.

How can I best meet myself

In this tumultuous moment of being?

Maybe, I can

Embrace this place.

It is here.

Let me feel it.

If I allow my shoulders to drop

And let my breath breathe,

As best it is able.

Perhaps then there is space

For my energy to dissipate.

My heart palpitating,

I glance up,

As if my tired eyes

Have opened for the first time.

Through the window,

I see two pigeons,

Statue still,

Casually surveying the world.

Perhaps I too can sit

And take in what is around me

And my inner rhythm

Will synchronise

With the sights before my eyes.

A sigh.

A pause.

I see through pigeon eyes.

Like a snow-globe,

Once shook now still,

My inner flurry

Drifts down to my feet

And settles on the ground.

By Peter Morgan

Tags: Frantic, peace, grounding

Post Date: March 2020