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This Long Night

posted 26 Mar 2020, 02:13 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 28 Mar 2020, 01:05 ]
Now is the time.
The time to let go 
Of panicking about panicking. 
To put down that self criticism 
That you should somehow
be better prepared, 
or more resilient.

In this shared messiness 
That is this human existence, 
Hold your head up.
Be here, 
Just as you are. 
You are

The doubt, 
The fear, 
The panic, 
The despair, 
The pain, 
The exhaustion, 
The guilt or shame. 
Lay them a place at the table
so that they might be heard.
Yet know you are not them, 
and they not you. 

Feel your feet. 
Feel the ground.
Feel the ground through your feet.
Feel grounded.
Let the weight on your shoulders flow down
through your feet 
and be held by the Earth.

Take one step at a time. 
And tread lightly.
This, long, night.

By Peter Morgan

Tags: Acceptance, humanity, grounding