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Taming the Tiger

posted 26 Jun 2016, 00:20 by Peter Morgan
Like a tiger
Eating what it caught
Like your mind
Latching on to what it thought

Like a tiger
Hunting down its prey
Like the mind
Following distraction all day

So tame the tiger
Calm the mind
Come into the moment
Leave the busyness behind

Notice your breathing
Be with your pain
Sit with your feelings
Repeat again and again

Into the space
Where nothing exists
Return the breath
When those thoughts persist

The tiger now lies
With one eye open
Keep it calm
You must be softly spoken

But the tiger
Needs to eat
Just as your mind
Wants thoughts to meet

Practice the skills
Of taming the tiger
Your constant distraction
Will be the reminder

By Jonathan Lee

Tags: Mind wandering, distraction, discipline