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On Hold

posted 21 Apr 2020, 01:38 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 21 Apr 2020, 01:39 ]
Please wait You are on hold….. Music…. Please wait We are all on hold. The tinny music of a great suite Earwigs through your head. You even sing it Der der der . d der der de der A bit expressionless like the music ‘I know why I am singing this I’m on hold’. Holding on for grim death Or not. Hiding in houses Self-isolated. Waiting For IT To Stop Stop taking hold. You came home to the old ones. On hold. Corona stopped you dead In your tracks. No! Alive in your tracks In the middle of your life. Stay Safe Stay Home. Hold on ….You are running up that hill Run, rabbit run rabbit, run, run, run. Meanwhile you, on hold, Sofa surf, seek out oldies…. Retrograde…. Meanwhile You, on hold, Work from home, work out, Teach blackbirds to whistle On-hold loops. Meanwhile You, on hold Like the mountains beyond the Menai straits, Disappear and Reappear. Like the breath Coming and going. Staying safe, staying home. Meanwhile we, hold on To holding each other in our hearts.

By Annee Griffiths

Tags: Pause, safety, holding