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Moments of Freedom

posted 17 Sept 2017, 12:47 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 17 Sept 2017, 12:47 ]
And I stop for a second, like that moment when I awake before my mind starts working. And I stop. I see I hear I smell I touch I feel I am. And it is just as it is for a second, and then well then I become my thoughts until I remember again to stop. Maybe the sound of the woodpecker, maybe to sight of the majestic Stag, maybe the smell of the cold, damp dew, maybe the feel of the wind on my face, reminds me to stop. Reminds me to return to that place, that place of stillness, where darkness doesn't exist, only light. Where freedom is a possibility for a split second, just being, just being, just being free, just being me.

By Joanna Kay

Tags: Awareness, senses, pause