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Amongst the Trees

posted 4 May 2020, 05:55 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 4 May 2020, 05:55 ]
As I sit
Amongst the trees
I am reminded that
Some of us are evergreen,
Our outer layers
Seemingly unchanged
Through harsh winter's bite.

Others are deciduous...
When the seasons change
And conditions are 
Less than favourable,
We feel it,
We shed our withered leaves,
We fade and fall back.
And what remains is
Laid bare and exposed,
So vulnerable
Yet, perhaps, a quiet dignity abides.
In times of darkness,
We deciduous folk,
We focus down to our roots.
We conserve what energy we have
Ready to emerge with new growth
When we feel the first light of spring.

What a shock
It must be
To learn that one is deciduous,
Having rested with the laurels, (so hardy!)
To see the pines and holly without folly.
To feel autumn, 
As leaves leave,
And winter
As if all is lost.

And then relief! 
To know
That one can endure the seasons,
This time, at least!
Each year a wisdom 
and a confidence,
This too will pass.

Those old oaks
Told me it would be so.
It was hard to hear them,
But when I really listened,
Deep down in my roots,
I knew my place
Amongst the trees.

By Peter Morgan

Tags: Resilience, impermanence, letting go