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I Sit and I Feel it

posted 4 Feb 2019, 03:09 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 4 Feb 2019, 03:13 ]

I sit and I feel it I sit some more whilst it swells It’s in my heart that’s where it dwells My gut is bursting full of it All the while I sit and sit I sit and I feel it It wants to rise up in my chest I wish It would sit down to rest Now rising up , a tidal wave My eyes are leaking ‘n’ can’t behave All the while I sit and sit I sit and I feel it I hear my mind say ‘run away’ ‘Make it better just go and play’ My thoughts are strong but I remain To quash this thing would be in vain All the while I sit and sit I sit and I feel it Bit by bit it shrinks back down Flowing away from my head and crown It’s fading now I feel it slow This thing called sadness decides to go All the while I sit and sit I sit and I feel it It ebbs away becoming distant In its wake there no resistance I’m stronger now I feel blessed To sit and feel is always best And all the while I sit and sit

By Angela

Tags: Letting be, Tolerance, Equanimity, Impermanence

Moments of Freedom

posted 17 Sep 2017, 12:47 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 17 Sep 2017, 12:47 ]

And I stop for a second, like that moment when I awake before my mind starts working. And I stop. I see I hear I smell I touch I feel I am. And it is just as it is for a second, and then well then I become my thoughts until I remember again to stop. Maybe the sound of the woodpecker, maybe to sight of the majestic Stag, maybe the smell of the cold, damp dew, maybe the feel of the wind on my face, reminds me to stop. Reminds me to return to that place, that place of stillness, where darkness doesn't exist, only light. Where freedom is a possibility for a split second, just being, just being, just being free, just being me.

By Joanna Kay

Tags: Awareness, senses, pause


posted 17 Sep 2017, 12:37 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 17 Sep 2017, 12:39 ]

I see you, it makes me smile It's a relief, as I know you have been hiding Welcome, you are as you are I feel you Your breath, your fear, your hopes Settle, have faith in this moment Trust it will be as it should be I accept you, and all is well

By Nicki

Tags: Acceptance, connection, non-judgmental

Moment by Moment

posted 20 Feb 2017, 15:06 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 20 Feb 2017, 15:06 ]

What to do when time is long?
Time can go faster with a cheerful song.
Smiles help make the time feel lighter.
Lifting spirits to make the day brighter.
Pay attention to sensation, thought, sight, and sound.
Try to let boredom pass and enjoy what’s around.

Tags: Time, joy

What the Bonsai Tree Sees

posted 20 Feb 2017, 14:55 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 20 Feb 2017, 14:55 ]

Sitting on the sill
Beside the staircase.
Glimpsing moments as we scurry by.
What does the Bonsai tree see?

Sometimes one who is hurried
A flash of energy,
No time to stop.

Sometimes one so serious
And post-occupied.
An expert in taking stock.

And in those magical moments
However few and far between
Our little Bonsai tree sees
The gaze of attentive eyes.

And when the Bonsai sees we are
Attuning while pruning
The Bonsai feels truly alive.

By Peter Morgan

Tags: Bonsai, decentering, stepping back, attunement


posted 2 Sep 2016, 09:55 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 2 Sep 2016, 09:56 ]

I have come home
From self-imposed, long exile
To this imperfect body.
Comfortable in my discomfort.
Welcomed, like the Prodigal Son, returning.
No blame.
No guilt.
No recrimination.
Only love.
So simple.
Loneliness healed.
Now everyone is welcome
To my home.

By Gary Hennessey

Tags: Compassion, acceptance, returning

Quietly Sometimes

posted 2 Sep 2016, 09:52 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 2 Sep 2016, 09:52 ]

The sun was really warm for a brief moment,
and in that brief moment,
everything was exposed.
Half life, half death.
A limbo of grey and green,
as nature showed its true colours
and life glimpsed on triumphant emerald,
through the grief of grey.
Ploughing the proof that life goes on.
Quietly, sometimes.

By Dorothy Sheppherd

Tags: Wisdom, life, nature

This Matters

posted 20 Jul 2016, 04:18 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 20 Jul 2016, 04:19 ]

When sister says to sister, 
I see you 
There is space for you here
You too deserve love
You too deserve peace
You too are love
You too are peace

By Maria Fortino

Tags: Compassion, metta, befriending


posted 20 Jul 2016, 04:11 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 20 Jul 2016, 04:11 ]

Walk, Look, and Listen; Feel, Taste and Smell

Our senses are vital to living, so pay attention well. 

Emotions are essential to guide us and to learn 

Build wisdom, conscience, insight, compassion, and concern

We are not robotic, our potential we’ve yet to unlock. 

Human goodness in our being needs to grow, not stop. 

Tags: Senses, growth, wisdom

Cursing the Weeds

posted 6 Jul 2016, 10:25 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 6 Jul 2016, 10:27 ]

As I sit
Looking out over the garden
My eyes are drawn to the uncut grass
And that patch that grows a different shade,
To the shed door that doesn't quite close
And the fence panel resting out of place.
I see uneven flagstones
And that leaky gutter.
So many things to do, I mutter.
And so I feel pulled, dragged in to action.
Called to account for so much unfinished business.

I hold my nerve, choosing to sit.
Letting eyes close and feeling the breath.

My mind regurgitates the images,
Reminding me of jobs not done. My body feels the tension, a reflection of the gap,
The gaping chasm between how things are and how I would like them to be.

I open my eyes and look out over the garden.

I ask myself what can I bring to this? 
After a moment flailing in the wind...
Perhaps a spark of curiosity.

I wonder what it would be like to step out and feel the dew on the grass.
Whether that patch feels any different
It is such a strong colour!
I remember the smell of cut grass.
I notice the plant beneath the leaky gutter, drip fed, and flourishing.
I enjoy the simplicity of the brick
Propping the shed door closed.
I feel a longing to go outside and be in the garden.
I hold my nerve, choosing to sit.
Letting eyes close and feeling the breath.

My mind wanders out, longing to feel
The cool, crisp blades
Of the dew-covered grass.
I feel the energy, the prickling
Emergence of interest.
The distance between where I am and where I would like to be.

I open my eyes, look out over the garden, and smile.

By Peter Morgan

Tags: The Gap, curiosity, choice

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