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posted 18 Jun 2021, 07:05 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 18 Jun 2021, 07:05 ]

Tree stark against winter sky Inert, dead looking, no sign of life Gnarled branches forming shapes. Monarch of the Glen with antlers pointing skywards. Pugilistic fists punching air in the wind Seeking an opponent. Old knobbly elbows and knees Creaking and groaning with age. Popeye with his pipe. Small branches blowing in the wind Promising new growth. Soon the green leaves will make an appearance Until in the summer All will be green Obliterating the sky Shading the sun. Masterful Commanding Awe and respect.

By Linda Croft

Tags: Impermanence, patience, strength

Amongst the Trees

posted 4 May 2020, 05:55 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 4 May 2020, 05:55 ]

As I sit
Amongst the trees
I am reminded that
Some of us are evergreen,
Our outer layers
Seemingly unchanged
Through harsh winter's bite.

Others are deciduous...
When the seasons change
And conditions are 
Less than favourable,
We feel it,
We shed our withered leaves,
We fade and fall back.
And what remains is
Laid bare and exposed,
So vulnerable
Yet, perhaps, a quiet dignity abides.
In times of darkness,
We deciduous folk,
We focus down to our roots.
We conserve what energy we have
Ready to emerge with new growth
When we feel the first light of spring.

What a shock
It must be
To learn that one is deciduous,
Having rested with the laurels, (so hardy!)
To see the pines and holly without folly.
To feel autumn, 
As leaves leave,
And winter
As if all is lost.

And then relief! 
To know
That one can endure the seasons,
This time, at least!
Each year a wisdom 
and a confidence,
This too will pass.

Those old oaks
Told me it would be so.
It was hard to hear them,
But when I really listened,
Deep down in my roots,
I knew my place
Amongst the trees.

By Peter Morgan

Tags: Resilience, impermanence, letting go


On Hold

posted 21 Apr 2020, 01:38 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 21 Apr 2020, 01:39 ]

Please wait You are on hold….. Music…. Please wait We are all on hold. The tinny music of a great suite Earwigs through your head. You even sing it Der der der . d der der de der A bit expressionless like the music ‘I know why I am singing this I’m on hold’. Holding on for grim death Or not. Hiding in houses Self-isolated. Waiting For IT To Stop Stop taking hold. You came home to the old ones. On hold. Corona stopped you dead In your tracks. No! Alive in your tracks In the middle of your life. Stay Safe Stay Home. Hold on ….You are running up that hill Run, rabbit run rabbit, run, run, run. Meanwhile you, on hold, Sofa surf, seek out oldies…. Retrograde…. Meanwhile You, on hold, Work from home, work out, Teach blackbirds to whistle On-hold loops. Meanwhile You, on hold Like the mountains beyond the Menai straits, Disappear and Reappear. Like the breath Coming and going. Staying safe, staying home. Meanwhile we, hold on To holding each other in our hearts.

By Annee Griffiths

Tags: Pause, safety, holding


posted 26 Mar 2020, 02:19 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 28 Mar 2020, 01:00 ]

Our minds and hearts can forget.
That there are seasons to all things.
This too shall pass.
This too shall pass. 

In the dawn beyond,
Like our animal cousins 
after hibernation, 
we will emerge with half-opened eyes.
And we will see everything again 
For the first time.

The sun will rise, and as 
We walk out into a new world, 
Our tired bodies will collectively groan 
In appreciation of a first, wide stretch!
And there will be rejoicing, and loss. 
And regrets. And love. 
And grief. And fear. And hope. 

The tides continue to turn, and 
The world will weep with us as we dance in the light of each new moon.
This too shall pass. 
This too shall pass. 

And as the seasons roll on, 
We will forever hold in our hearts, 
All that was sacred to us
In the time we were so apart,

By Peter Morgan

Tags: Seasons, impermanence, healing

This Long Night

posted 26 Mar 2020, 02:13 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 28 Mar 2020, 01:05 ]

Now is the time.
The time to let go 
Of panicking about panicking. 
To put down that self criticism 
That you should somehow
be better prepared, 
or more resilient.

In this shared messiness 
That is this human existence, 
Hold your head up.
Be here, 
Just as you are. 
You are

The doubt, 
The fear, 
The panic, 
The despair, 
The pain, 
The exhaustion, 
The guilt or shame. 
Lay them a place at the table
so that they might be heard.
Yet know you are not them, 
and they not you. 

Feel your feet. 
Feel the ground.
Feel the ground through your feet.
Feel grounded.
Let the weight on your shoulders flow down
through your feet 
and be held by the Earth.

Take one step at a time. 
And tread lightly.
This, long, night.

By Peter Morgan

Tags: Acceptance, humanity, grounding

Feeling Frantic in a Peaceful World

posted 26 Mar 2020, 01:54 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 26 Mar 2020, 01:56 ]

All around me is still.
But not I.
I vibrate,
I pulsate.

Out of control
The more I spiral
The worse I feel.
I am the storm.

The quiet streets
Only serve to amplify
The indignity
Of being
Frantic in a peaceful world.

I fear my panic might spread!
Cast me aside,
I am not what the world needs
Right now.


A momentary connection
To my feet
Comes as an unexpected,
but welcome,
A hint to what lies beneath.

How can I best meet myself
In this tumultuous moment of being?
Maybe, I can 
Embrace this place.
It is here. 
Let me feel it.
If I allow my shoulders to drop
And let my breath breathe,
As best it is able.
Perhaps then there is space
For my energy to dissipate.

My heart palpitating,
I glance up,
As if my tired eyes
Have opened for the first time.
Through the window,
I see two pigeons,
Statue still,
Casually surveying the world.

Perhaps I too can sit
And take in what is around me
And my inner rhythm
Will synchronise
With the sights before my eyes.

A sigh.
A pause.
I see through pigeon eyes.
Like a snow-globe,
Once shook now still,
My inner flurry
Drifts down to my feet
And settles on the ground.

By Peter Morgan

Tags: Frantic, peace, grounding

Social distancing (Haiku)

posted 19 Mar 2020, 14:47 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 20 Mar 2020, 23:07 ]

Hearts beat together
Whilst our bodies are apart.
We are not alone.

By Peter Morgan

Tags: Connection, heart

No longer negotiating

posted 9 Aug 2019, 07:41 by Peter Morgan

In my worry about the future, about what will happen to him
After I am gone. . . I see his face, smiling quietly
As he looks at the newspaper. What does it matter
What will happen then? This is now, and he is beautiful.

No need for words. In this instant, he is safe, loved.

In my sinking into thoughts I sometimes come up for air
Sitting still, watching this breath, my belly gently heaving.
Every yesterday gets canned just then. Every care
Blown away. And at that moment, here is life, believing

in that, every other good is served up on a plate.

No need to bargain for my position. No need to curl myself
Into a cocoon, seeking approval, avoiding hate
A break from the past. A blessing here and now, a boon.
No longer hurrying into a future where I may be late.

By Sreela

Tags: Impermanence, present, love

Bluebell Lane

posted 22 Mar 2019, 10:03 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 22 Mar 2019, 10:03 ]

This corner of old England Dappled in hazy spring sunshine Old houses with tales to tell Sagging walls on a pot-bellied shed Topped with a shag pile moss roof Gnarled, arthritic twisted trees Gently swaying, leaves whispering In a warm undulating breeze And dancing bumble bees Dusting the nodding flowers With yellow pollen knees Children sitting on the grass Making daisy chains for Mother A gift worth more than gold Made with care, from love Lost in worlds we once knew But have misplaced somehow Perhaps to find again.... one day If we can find the time to stop

By Paul Brown

Tags: Nature, being present, simplicity

The Tree

posted 1 Mar 2019, 01:28 by Peter Morgan   [ updated 1 Mar 2019, 01:28 ]

I Hug Mother Earth Grounded in Her richness My Arms reach out to the heavens Dancing in the wind I offer my canopy as Sanctuary, Sheltering and nourishing I have writhed in the storms, scarred and aging.... Remaining grounded in Mother Earth As I stretch toward the heavens, The tree and I are one.... Claiming our place in the sun.

By Susan Nelson

Tags: Grounding, stability, equanimity

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